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Transition and reports

Dear Parents and carers,

   We have had a number of enquiries relating to transition arrangements and end of year reports and so I hope this letter will provide some clarification for yourselves and the children.

    Schools throughout Erewash have been discussing how we would be able to provide some 'transition' for all of the children whilst adhering to Government and LA guidelines.

  Current guidelines will not allow any face-to-face meetings or any children into school, other than Y6 or Key Worker children.  Also, as staff are already in Bubbles with the children who are in school, these cannot be mixed for obvious reasons.

  Staff allocations and class lists have still to be finalised too.

Teaching staff are meeting next Wednesday to discuss how we may be able to make some contact with their new classes in an appropriate way, to enable the children to put a name to a face and to be able to ask any questions that they might have. This will hopefully help to reassure them and prevent any anxiety about next year. How that will actually look will be finalised next week, and we will let you know accordingly. Y6 transition to secondary is obviously being arranged by the secondary schools.

We currently do not even know if all children will be able to return at the start of September or if the Government will direct a phased return, The Headteacher/Local Authority meetings today confirmed that both the DfE and the local authority are awaiting this guidance too.

School reports have been completed and I am currently adding my comments before they are collated. The current plan is that each year group will have an allocated date on which they can come into school (however that might look) so they can collect the report, the school books and any belongings that were left in trays and on pegs. Teaching Assistants have been busy bagging up all the children's things and so this will be an opportunity for parents to collect things when they collect the report.

I really appreciate how anxious families must be about September, and the fact that the children have not been able to see their classroom or teacher beforehand, will add to this.  We will do everything we can to support the children to have the information they need, and to be able to ask the questions they want, so that they can feel as comfortable as possible over the summer.


Kind Regards



              Mrs C Rees