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Temporary gate change!


Temporary Gate Changes

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for all your continued support, since the children have returned to school.

On Monday 7th we made an alteration to the initial gate allocation following our monitoring of the situation and feedback from parents. From parent, visitors and staff feedback, these changes have been successful and welcomed by all.

The pathways we are subsequently using are currently not suitable for use when the winter arrives and we therefore need to weather proof them as soon as possible.

 We have been working with Derbyshire County Council and various contractors to decide the best options for this moving forward. The decision has been made that the path to gate 2 and the standing area for gate 3 will be tarmacked. This will be suitable for all weather types and for wheelchair/pushchair use.

We want this work to start as soon as possible to ensure that it is up and running before the bad weather begins. That means that it cannot be done over the school holidays and will have to take place during the school week. Although this is not ideal, we ask that you bear with us in order that we can make the areas safer and weather proof in a timely fashion, so that use of these gates can be maintained.

The work will commence on Monday 21st of September for 4 days, as this is the only availability of the contractor before the winter sets in. This will lead to more pedestrian traffic on Heanor Road and we ask that you are work with us to ensure that issues are kept to a minimum.

Gate 2

Temporarily Gate 2 will return be the Heanor Road entrance.  Parents will wait as previously, on the initial Friday.  Please wait in single file, allowing space for pedestrians to pass Heanor Road. We know that this will be busy and extra staff will be out on Heanor Road to help maintain safety.

You can help by making sure you do not come early of stay behind for drop off.


Gate 3

Temporarily Gate 3 will be the small gate next to the double gates. Parents will have to wait as they previously did on the initial Friday. Please wait in single file, allowing space for pedestrians to pass to Heanor Road. You can help by making sure you do not come early of stay behind for drop off.


It is important that your child arrives on time for their allocated 10-minute time slot and not early. If you need to leave for work or other schools and need to be early for your slot, please drop your child at reception.  Siblings will continue to go to the reception to ease the congestion.

All being well, gates will resume as normal on Friday 25th  September.

Please bear with us whilst we make the pathways in school safer and more weather proof for you moving forward. As always, thank you for your continued support and feedback.


Mrs Caroline Rees - Headteacher