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School Meals *IMPORTANT*

As you are aware , we have had to put certain restrictions in place. Lunchtime is one of those.


Currently as it stands 2 year groups will have dinner first and then play.

The other 2 year groups will play first then have lunch.


Your child will have lunch in their class. If they have a school dinner this will be bought to them in a 'hot food to go parcel' 

The children won't be able to select what they would like. What it is for dinner will be served in the box. The menu is attached to see what the children would receive.


On Friday the 4th September the school dinner will be sandwiches ONLY for free school meals. Everyone else will need to bring a packed lunch. School dinners will resume on the 7th September.

Please view the link to view the menu on September 2020


If your child has any allergies/dietary or you have any concerns please email