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Gate Changes


Firstly, I want to start by apologising that this information is so late. We have been working over the weekend, creating various plans to get our pupils into the building safely. Whilst still adhering to Derbyshire County Council’s requirements.


Before the school fully reopened to the 325 pupils that we have, a plan had to be put in place. This was trialled on Friday. Unfortunately due to the location of our plot, traffic and the sheer volume of adults and pupils we have, this wasn’t as successful as we had hoped. 

These changes have been introduced for the safety of our pupils, parents and staff. The aim is that less parents and children will be waiting on the main, busy road and that congestion will ease. 

Gate 1 (Charlotte Street) 
The main gate will be opened for parents and children,  to wait safely in the holding area. Please line up on the right (as you look at the gates) and up Charlotte Street. Please try to keep single file, as Charlotte School will have returned too, which will cause further congestion.As you drop your children off please exit on the left, where the bin area is and back onto Charlotte Street. When collecting, please collect in the same order. Please don’t wait in your car on Charlotte Street or across the road. We will not be bringing children out on to the main road. 


Gate 2 (the gate after reception)
Please now enter through the reception gate, turn right (before the reception door)  and go down the grass bank. Please wait for the gate to be opened, then the parent will leave via the original gate 2. On pick up, please wait in single file down the grass bank and exit with your child via the original gate 2.


Gate 3(the small gate past the bus stop)
This is now the double gates at the bottom, opposite Rocking Horse. Please enter the gate with your child and line up on the left (against the hedge). Your child’s teacher will take them, and parents to exit via the original small gate 3.On pick up, please line up against the hedge again and exit via the original gate 3. 


If you have siblings at the school please follow this guidance. In the morning please drop the first child off then take your other child/ren to Reception. They will be collected by their Teaching Assistant. On pick up, please pick up the last child, the earlier child will be waiting in Reception. Please bear with us, as it takes a few minutes to send the class out and then take the child to Reception. No late marks will be registered. 


We are a school of 325 pupils, which means potentially 325 parents collecting. We cannot maintain full social distancing at all times. If you feel vulnerable as an adult, please wear a mask or a visor for your own protection.



These plans are being reviewed daily at the moment. Thankyou for your patience. 


If you are a Childminder who has concerns with drop offs/pick ups please speak to Miss Slater (School Business Manager)


if you have any queries or concerns please email