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Multiplication and Division

The 9 times table


Another table to add to our repertoire in 4Mc....this times it’s the 9’s.  We’ve been exploring links between the 9 and the 3 times table. Can you explain why every third number in the 3s is also in the 9s?




Did you know you can use your fingers to help you multiply by 9...



9 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

Why not try this funky rap to help learn your nine times table!

The 6 Times Table


The children in 4Mc know how important it is to learn their times tables.  This week we are focusing on the 6x table.  How quickly can you multiply 7 x 6?


6 Times Tables - Have Fun Learning!

Have you ever noticed how singing helps you to learn? Try singing along with the Kool Kidz to improve your 6 times table knowledge.

Can you use your times table knowledge to answer multiplication and division questions?


Multiplying by 1 and 0 and dividing by 1


Can you explain why multiplying by 1 means you end up where you started?


456 x 1 = 456




Why multiplying by 0 means you have nothing left?


0 x 879 = 0


If you share an amount so that everyone has 1...


9 ÷ 9 = 1


Why is that different to sharing the amount once?


9 ÷ 1 = 9

Multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100


Do you know what happens when you multiply and divide by 10 or 100?