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Hola Mexico!

Hola Mexico!

Hola amigos! Our Mexican topic started with a fun filled celebration morning! Pupils have danced and sang to Mexican music and drank fruit cocktails whilst tasting some traditional Mexican foods. We have began our work on the geography of Mexico, looking at the human and physical features.

Our topic has also taken us through the celebrations and traditions of The Day of the Dead and groups have created their own death mask! Pictures to follow shortly!

Mayan SacrifIce Festival! Thank you to all our adults who came in!

Fantastic Homework Pieces!


Y6 have been learning about light: how it travels, how shadows are formed and how our eyes work to help us see. As part of this, each class has dissected a pair of eyes-have a look at our photos below! Miss Robinson accidentally cut through the pupil in the first eye, but it came out perfectly in tact after the second!


We have been learning about the ancient people of the Mayan civilizations and how they lived in the jungles of Mexico. We have retold the legend of 'The Hero Twins' and have attempted (quite successfully!) the rather difficult game of Pok-a-Tok (or Pok-ta-Pok) outside on the yard. We will now be writing our own set of instructions on how to play.