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Hola Mexico! (Autumn 1)

Hola Mexico!

Hola amigos! Our Mexican topic started with a fun filled celebration morning! Pupils have danced and sang to Mexican music and drank fruit cocktails whilst tasting some traditional Mexican foods. We have began our work on the geography of Mexico, looking at the human and physical features.

We're looking forward to seeing what this half term brings!


Our topic has also taken us through the celebrations and traditions of The Day of the Dead and groups have created their own death mask! Have a look at them below.


Groups have now created their own timelines showing different events in Mexican and British history and have had a go at playing the very difficult Mayan ball game: Pok-A-Tok! Ask our class how to play this! (They might even demonstrate!) We will soon be writing our own set of instructions on how to play.


Our Science lessons, looking at light and shadows, have led us to dissect a variety of eyes. We looked at each individual part and discussed the purpose of each one.


Innovate week began in the final fortnight of term-groups are creating musical pieces to perform during a Mayan ceremony. We have practised recording this using a graphic score.

Adults Morning!

Adults from home had the opportunity to join us in class on Tuesday 17th October for our Mayan Sacrifice! Groups prepared headdresses, collars and bracelets to wear during our procession. Pupils had worked in groups to prepare poems and a musical performance to please the Gods, before we gave our final offering: a human sacrifice! Have a look at our photos below!

Thank you to everyone who came in to help :)

Timeline Lesson-Maya and British History

Playing Pok-A-Tok!

Geography Revision!

Year 6 have been revising countries of Europe and their capital cities!

Creating a Mayan Festival Music!

Does changing the distance between the torch and the object change the size of its shadow?