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Hola Mexico!

Hola Mexico!

Hola amigos! Our Mexican topic started with a fun filled celebration morning! Pupils have danced and sang to Mexican music and drank fruit cocktails whilst tasting some traditional Mexican foods. We have began our work on the geography of Mexico, looking at the human and physical features.

Our topic has also taken us through the celebrations and traditions of The Day of the Dead and we will begin to dive deeper into the history of this incredible country.

Creative Homework Pieces! 🇲🇽

Planning and Performing our ‘Dwarf of Uxmal’ Plays!

Further Learning:

Now we have looked into the life of the ancient Mayan tribes, delved into the working of our eyes and how we see colours and shadows, learnt traditional myths and stories from Mexico, played the Mayan ball game Pok-a-Tom, tasted sone fantastic Mexican themed foods from 6Rs homework and created some Mexican art (just to name a few of our activities!). 6R have had a fantastic first half term and now we are excited to head into the Victorian era in November!

Eyeball Dissection!