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Hola Mexico!

Our Mexican Class

Another fantastic week. We have continued to enjoy our class story 'Holes' and complete our English work around this. In science we have learnt about how light travels and why we see objects are a certain colour. 


We we are continuing our daily mile. We are all managing to run whilst playing hopscotch, singing nursery rhymes and giveing the frog bin a compliment. 



There has been some fantastic creative homework. Lots have made instruments and food so far. With some even being brought in to taste. 😀.


We have been learning about Maya periods of history and British history. We had great fun arranging the events on a large timeline as well as learning about how the two timelines fit together. 
Another fantastic week. We have learnt all about the ancient game 'Pok A Tok' and had the opportunity to try and play it! Science was brilliant. We learnt about the eye and all the amazing things that they do - as well as seeing a real dissection. 

Sink the ship


A great PE lesson. Each team had to try and sink the other teams' ships by throwing balls at targets. If all the targets were knocked over - then there was a punishment for the team! 

Some teams had more punishments than others. A great lesson with lots of fun and red faces. 😀

Adults Morning!

Adults from home had the opportunity to join us in class on Tuesday 17th October for our Mayan Sacrifice! Groups prepared headdresses, collars and bracelets to wear during our procession. Pupils had worked in groups to prepare poems and a musical performance to please the Gods, before we gave our final offering: a human sacrifice! Have a look at our photos below!