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Heroes & Villains

There are so many heroes and villains in the world – who would you like to know more about? Is it someone from the past or the present? Is your hero a famous person or someone you know, like a nurse or a firefighter?


In this topic, we explore what makes a hero and a villain. Using fairy tales, we’ll examine the difference between right and wrong and we’ll also research historical heroes using a variety of source materials We will listen to film music and consider how sounds are used to make characters appear more villainous. We’ll also think about how it feels to do good and bad things and explore which feels best and why. We will challenge ourselves to do a good deed that changes the world!


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Heroes and villains are everywhere, in real life and fiction. Why not watch a film or read a book to identify the heroes and villains? What characteristics do they have? You could also watch CBBC Newsround and think about the heroic or villainous qualities of public figures. Alternatively, visit a museum to investigate heroes and villains throughout history.