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Heroes and Villains

Heroic Animals! 

To begin our new topic, a very special visitor came to see us! A lovely lady from Dog’s Trust brought her amazing dog Lyra to school and told us all about how animals can be heroes. We thought of different types of four legged heroes such as guide dogs, police dogs, rescue dogs. Can you think of any more?

We also learned how to behave around dogs to keep ourselves safe as well as keeping the dog safe. 

We Are All Super Heroes! 

We created mini superheroes of ourselves! 

Cruella de Vil! 

We have been focusing on the villain Cruella de Vil! We have been learning all about her and have started reading 101 Dalmatians as our class story. We also have been learning a song all about Cruella! 


We have been busy making Dalmatians just like the ones in our class story! They look super! 

Clay Models!

We have been very busy creating our own superheroes using clay! This was so much fun! 

Robin Hood.

We have been learning all about Robin Hood! We have retold the story and wrote some super sentences about him! 


Today we read part of a story, then we worked in teams to come up with ideas to predict what would happen next - involving heroes and villains of course! We then acted out our ideas! This was so much fun! There are some fantastic actors in the making in class 3G! 

Dress Up Day!

Remember, it is our dress up day on Thursday 25th October. Children are invited to dress up as a hero or villain of their choice! (e.g: Batman, Cruella De Vil, Robin Hood, Police Officer, Spiderman, Nurse) 

Our Heroes! 

We have been discussing what makes someone a hero and have wrote about our own special everyday heroes! Lots of children chose their parents! Some chose their pets, friends and nurses!

Who is your hero? 

We can all be heroes by caring and helping other people! :) 

Comic Strips! 

We have made a start creating our own comic strips! These look super so far! 

Our comic strips are mostly completed now! They look fantastic! We also presented them to the children on our tables! 

Dress Up Day! 

Wow! What a great effort you have all made to dress up as a hero or villain! Everybody looks amazing! :)

Super Spellings! 

Even heroes need to practice their spellings! 

Superhero Story! 

We have been busy creating our own superhero story which will then be entered into a competition! This competition will also include other children’s entries from different schools. This is very exciting! 

Can You Beat Batman? 

Batman took 3 minutes to complete a times table challenge - the children competed to beat his time! 

Awesome cheer if you achieved this!