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Gods and Mortals!

Engage Activities! 

To begin our new topic, we took part in three different challenges! We had to undo string full of knots! Then we had to piece together a Greek vase. After that, we had to try and build a tower using straws! Following this, we had to find golden apples which were hidden around the classroom! We then went outside to answer questions by finding fact cards on the playground! 

Wow! Someone has been busy over the holidays! 

Look at this fantastic information and amazing drawings! 


We have created a large Medusa head for our display! 

Mini Medusas! 

We have been busy making Medusa faces! They look great! 

The Minotaur! 

We have read the story of the Minotaur! We then used some fantastic adjectives to describe the beast! 

Creative Homework! 

We have had some fantastic pieces of creative homework! Well done everyone! 

Look at our fantastic display!