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Frozen Kingdom

Frozen Kingdom January 2020 - during our memorable experience with a real explorer, some of our children had a chance to play the part of polar adventurers!

Welcome to the planet's coldest lands... vast wilds, hostile territories-incredibly beautiful yet often deadly. Take shelter from the elements or fall prey to the icy winds and deepest chill. Trek bravely and valiantly across treacherous terrain to the ends of the Earth, treading deep in snow, pulled by a team of mighty sled dogs.

Learning So Far...

Our class have been enjoying researching the animals found in the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as revising aspects of world geography. We have learnt about the tragedy of the Titanic and have written a chronological report on the disaster. We then moved on to understanding how animals and plants can be classified and how the biodiversity of the polar regions vary. We have researched and discovered all about famous explorers and some of their ill-fated missions!

Food Chain and Food Webs 🐧

6R Topic Homework Examples! ❄️

Our first week back!

Straight after Christmas, we jumped straight into our brand new topic with an exciting Polar Exploration Workshop delivered by the fantastic Explorer Academy. Y6 met Simon (a real polar explorer!) who spent the day with us. Simon shared amazing facts and information from his exciting personal experiences of the polar regions along with more gruesome tales of frostbite and polar hazards! We discussed geography and the features of the poles, history and some of the key people who dedicated their lives to exploration, science and the brilliant way animals around the world adapt to their environment and, perhaps most importantly for our Y6s who aspire to be an explorer one day, how to actually survive the harsh climates at the ends of the earth! We had a fantastic day and it has got us all ready to dive deeper into these subjects as we go through our Frozen Kingdom topic. A huge thank you to Simon and the Explorer Academy!

Have a look at our photos below: