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Darwin's Delights!

Ship Ahoy! We’re off on an exciting expedition with Charles Darwin and his crew on HMS Beagle. Stop at the magical Galapagos Islands to see the amazing species that helped Darwin develop his theory of evolution by natural selection.


Do you know what’s so special about a lava lizard or why the blue-footed booby has blue feet?

How have animals adapted to their environment over time and how might humans evolve in millions of years?

Ready to trace the origins of species? Let’s set sail!!

Zoolab! An exploration of species similar to those Darwin encountered! πŸ•·πŸπŸŒπŸ€

Learning So Far:

We have begun our topic by looking at the written journals and diary entries that Charles Darwin wrote during his exploration of countries and islands around the world, including the Galapagos Islands. Our pupils will be researching more into these legendary islands, which have been referred to as 'Nature's Playground', and we will be discovering some of the amazing species that live there. We have mapped Darwin's route on the HMS Beagle and are looking forward to different experiments, similar to what Mr Darwin did, including a bird beak investigation (which beak type picks up which food source best?!) and a quadrat observation which will  include classifying plants found within their chosen area using a classification key.

Science Investigation Work 🐀🐦: