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Curriculum Consultation - Parental Ideas

As part of our INSET day on Friday 5th July, staff and governors will be looking at the final driver for our reviewed curriculum. We have already established the Academic (Teaching and Learning) and the Behaviours (Learning behaviours, codes of conduct and being our best). We are now looking at our Context. This is about ensuring that our curriculum celebrates things from our community (Shipley Park, Erewash Museum) both past and present, but also provides learning and experiences for things we don't have in our area (theatres etc). 

We also want to ensure that our children are able to thrive in their local community, but have an understanding of the wider world and it's issues, so they can take their next steps - where ever they may be - full of the knowledge and understanding that will help them on their way.

We would love to have any ideas and/or views of the local context that you feel it is important for the children to know and understand. If you feel you can help, please answer the following few questions, which we can feed into our discussions on Friday.

Many thanks in anticipation.