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Information for parents and carers on COVID-19 vaccination for at risk 5 to 11 year olds


Children aged 5 to 11 years who are in a clinical risk group or who live with someone who is immunosuppressed can get the COVID-19 vaccine, in line with advice set out by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). Eligible children include those with diabetes, immunosuppression, learning disabilities, and other conditions as outlined by the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) in the Green Book.

Vaccinations help to increase protection against COVID-19, which is particularly important for those with underlying health conditions.

Further information is available in the guide for parents of children aged 5 to 11 years published by UKHSA. We have published some frequently asked questions on the vaccination programme including information on eligibility, accessibility and advice for parents of children at high risk from COVID-19. Following advice from the JCVI, healthy 5 to 11 year old children will also be offered two 10 microgram doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. The NHS will prepare to extend this non-urgent offer to all children during April.

COVID Updates /Information for September

Confirmatory PCR test after a positive lateral flow device (LFD) test

LFD tests are most effective when detecting infectious cases of COVID-19. They identify people with a high viral load who are the most likely to spread the virus further. LFD tests detect the virus in people without symptoms so each positive case we find is one that would have gone otherwise undetected. These tests are proving to be accurate and reliable and, where used appropriately and in the correct way, they will continue to help us to break chains of the transmission and save lives.

Anyone who tests positive using an LFD test will be asked to take a confirmatory follow-up PCR test. It remains essential that anyone who gets a positive LFD result self-isolates immediately, along with other members of their household, pending the confirmatory PCR result. You should arrange your confirmatory PCR immediately and only leave home for your follow-up test. For the fastest result, we suggest you book a PCR test at a test site. You can also book a home test online or call 119 to book a test.

A PCR test will confirm if you have been affected by COVID-19 and reduce unnecessary self-isolation by you and your household. If you then receive a negative result from the PCR, and the PCR test was taken within 2 days of the LFD, then you and your contacts will be informed that you can cease self-isolating.

Individuals who test negative from an LFD test will not need to isolate or take a confirmatory PCR test.

Joint Update Letter from Granby and Charlotte


New household account feature for parents reporting test results

NHS Test and Trace are continuing to develop and improve the process for self-test reporting. Currently, if a parent is submitting results through their account on behalf of a child, they have to enter the child’s details every time they report a result.

As a result of feedback from parents, NHS Test and Trace have introduced household accounts. This allows parents to save their children’s details to their own user accounts so parents can report results for multiple members in the household more quickly and easily.

When reporting self-test results parents will now be offered the opportunity to create a household account, which should take no more than 2 minutes. Parents can then add all household members to their account, enabling them to save time when reporting all future self-test results.

A Message from Dean Wallace, Director of Public Health for Derbyshire, to Parents and Carers

Letter to Parents from Derbyshire Public Health

To all Parents/Carers


For remote learning queries please follow the class pages.

If you are struggling due to having no IT equiptment please email


If you have any questions please contact the school reception.

Until further notice the reception will be open 8:55am - 3:45pm


Thankyou for all your support and stay safe



If you or your child are getting a test because you have symptoms, you and anyone you live with must self-isolate until you get your result. This also applies to anyone in your support bubble (where someone who lives alone - or just with their children - can meet people from 1 other household).

Please notify school on the telephone number if you are awaiting results/have a positive test.


If this is over the weekend please email