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Blood Heart

Welcome to Summer 1!

This year has flown by and unbelievably we are now entering our 5th topic of Year 6 with ‘Blood Heart’!

We began our term with a dissection of a pig’s heart-have a look at our photos below! We explored the four chambers, the veins and the arteries and even gave a tug on some of the heart strings. We’re looking forward to seeing where else this science-based topic takes us!


Our class have now looked at the effects of smoking on the heart and lungs and have began researching the different blood groups. During a PSHCE/Topic lesson, small groups also created a life-size drawing of the body with labels and illustrations to show the effects that smoking, alcohol and drugs have.

Pig’s Heart Dissection!

Finding out about blood groups:

Effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs on the body:

Mini Science/Maths Investigations

An Open Letter to the People of Ilkeston

Our Y6 pupils have conducted research into the effects smoking has on the human body. As part of their English work, they have written a persuasive letter to the residents in Ilkeston to attempt smokers to re-consider their habit in light of what we have learnt about the damage it causes to themselves and those around them. Each class has selected a best example of their letters to publish on our website. Please see 6R's below:

Worm Charming Investigation: How many worms are underground?

Y6 have conducted a worm charming investigation where they attempted to ‘charm’ worms to the surface of the school field in their selected area. Methods included:

  • watering the grass and imitating rainfall by drumming their fingers on the ground
  • playing musical instruments to the grass
  • diluting mustard in water and watering the grass