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An Open Letter to the People of Ilkeston

To the people of Ilkeston,


This is a warning to you and anyone else who thinks of smoking: stop!

This is such a dangerous habit which can lead to life-threatening consequences such as: a high risk of cancer; decaying lungs; heart disease and much more. Instead of living a life of smoking and health problems, lives a happy life where you could see your children grow up.


Eleven minutes of your life will be taken away from you every time a cigarette’s chemicals are digested into your system; stop now or your lungs will. Every cigarette you smoke, more and more tar destroys your lungs. Do you want to be one of the five million people that die every year from this addiction? Brushing your teeth with nail polish remover sounds vile but the same effect is happening when you smoke.

The children from my school are very concerned about the health of people in Ilkeston because of the obsession that is smoking.


Yours sincerely,

A concerned child from Granby Junior School