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Alchemy Island

Alchemy Island! 

It’s time to suspend your disbelief and open your mind. We’re going on a magical journey to Alchemy Island!

You’ve got your map, co-ordinates and everything else you need to make your way across Alchemy Island. Don’t forget to pack your imagination! 

Got your suitcase ready? Then let the journey begin...


Alchemy Island Topic Homework

Topic homework has been given out for this half term. All children should complete three pieces of homework, one creative, one science and one English based activity. These pieces of homework should have some time and effort put into them so that they can be displayed in our school. The children should be able to talk about what they have done for homework presentations. 

Cleaning water from the bottomless well

Science investigations

Changing state treasure hunt

The children have produced some excellent creative homework this term. So many are on display showing others what effort they have put into their work. So proud of all their effort. 

Gatekeeper raps

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We have persuaded the gatekeeper to let us in with a rap , which he is partial to.


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Does the temperature of water affect the speed that gold dust dissolves?