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Alchemy Island


It’s time to suspend your disbelief and open your mind. We’re going on a magical journey to Alchemy Island!

You’ve got your map, co-ordinates and everything else you need to make your way across Alchemy Island. Don’t forget to pack your imagination! 

Got your suitcase ready? Then let the journey begin...

Take a look at what we will be covering during Alchemy Island!

Alchemy Island Topic Homework

Topic homework has been given out for this half term. Please see the sheet below to see what is expected. All children should complete three pieces of homework, one creative, one science and one English based activity. These pieces of homework should have some time and effort put into them and the children should be able to talk about what they have done for homework presentations. 

Alchemy Island Homework

To start our topic we had an interesting visitor appear in our school hall. It was the Alchemist and he left us a riddle that we had to solve. The riddle was a little bit tricky but we managed to solve the riddle, travel through the portal and arrive on Alchemy Island. 

Visit from the Alchemist

Brilliant soliloquy writing! 


Today, we had the very tricky job of writing soliloquies. This was a new skill that we had never done before and I must say I was really impressed with everyone just having a go, even though it was tricky. To start off we thought about how the alchemist would feel and what sort of thoughts he would have. Once we had done this, we pretended that we were the alchemist and wrote down our thoughts and feelings. I was so amazed we how brilliant these were and how hard we tried to incorporate Old English. 


This week we have been looking at poetry and have written cinquains. This was a particularly type of poetry that we haven’t come across before. Taken a look at some of our fabulous cinquains below! 

Thursday 25th October 2018 



This morning we went on a hunt around the school grounds to find a portal to Alchemy Island. We used iPads to take photos and used particular filters to make them look like portals.