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Action Aid Project!

Y5 Action Aid Project 2017:

After Miss Robinson's dad ran the London Marathon for the Action Aid charity, the Y5 team thought it would be a lovely idea to begin a project within school to raise awareness amongst our children of what the lives of pupils in schools abroad are like. Mr Robinson came in to school to speak to Y5 before the May half term break and discussed some of the work the charity do. Everyone listened brilliantly and asked lots of questions! We also heard about 'Super Chickens'! Ask your child what these are and how they help people survive in harsh climates :)


Across 27 countries, Action Aid works with parents, teachers and local authorities to make sure children have essentials like desks, books, food, drinking water and toilets at school. Pupils have learnt about the daily lives are some children who benefit from Action Aid's work.


Across Y5, our pupils have been given the opportunity to hand-write a letter to a child in a school abroad. We have introduced ourselves and described what our school and lives are like in England. We have also asked questions to our readers in the hope of receiving a reply.


We did not know where our letters would be sent to when we began the project but have since learnt that they will be sent to a school in Guatemala! We are excited to see where this project takes us.