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Year 3 - Mrs Dudley

World Book Day and Other Wonderful Things!

Another wonderful week! Well done on some super writing about crocodiles in your non-chronological reports and some excellent calculation work in maths.  Your Mothers Day cards were simply beautiful! We also enjoyed lots of fun activities on World Book Day such as making origami bookmarks.


Mrs Dudley :)

Messages in the mud!

Today we have been learning about ancient civilisations and as part of this, we looked at the achievements of the Ancient Sumer people. They invented writing symbols to represent sounds approximately 3500 years ago! Their writing code was called Cuneiform and we had a go at writing messages using this on paper and ....... outside in the mud! Why did we do this? Well, the Ancient Sumer people wrote their stories and poems onto tablets of wet clay and we wanted to find out what this would have been like. It was HARD!!!! But great fun :)

Welcome Back!

What a wonderful day we have had learning about fractions, commas in lists and crocodiles! I was really impressed by how well you counted in tenths and I am looking forward to working on this tomorrow.


I was really exciting updating our target wall - there were lots of targets to move to our WOW wall and lost of smile moments to add to our picture frame. As for our crocodile art this afternoon......... what more can I say, except look at our fantastic display! We will get all of the names up tomorrow so you can be properly proud of your work :)


Mrs Dudley

Magical Measuring :)

This week we have been finding out about mass. Today we compared and measured lots of items in the classroom. It was very interesting ...... we found out that a whiteboard weighed a similar amount to a carrot and Mrs Dudley's shoe was lighter than a potato!


Then this afternoon we have created our "ancient" paper for our diary writing about Pompeii. A fun day :)


I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Mrs Dudley

Fabulous First Performance :D

Well done on a fabulous first performance. Your acting was great but your singing was sensational...... especially as the CD player was having "a few moments"! A great job :)


I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Mrs Dudley :)

Good Luck!

I hope that you have a had a lovely relaxing weekend and that you are ready for our busy week......... with the long awaited pantomime performance.


I know that you will be fantastic as you have worked so hard to learn all of the songs and you have practised each scene in our performance with great enthusiasm. It has been fun working with you to put the show together.


Good luck and see you tomorrow!

Mrs Dudley

Shsssh....... it is a surprise!

What a fantastic surprise we had today when some of you brought in a wonderful birthday cake to celebrate the birthdays in class today. It was so thoughtful of you and we enjoyed eating our treat VERY much!!! We saved pieces of cake for the children at Windmill and they received it at the end of the day:D


Thank you as well for all the wonderful smiles that I received this morning when you wished me "Happy Birthday!". They were very special presents indeed. I am also thrilled with the beautiful cards, notes flowers and presents that I have received. I hope that out other "Birthday Girl" has had just as special a day.


I look forward to seeing you all in the morning for our next round of birthdays....... hopefully germ-free!


Mrs Dudley :)



Democracy Day

What an amazing day we had on Friday, learning all about democracy and then taking part in a whole school vote. My favourite part was hearing your ideas about how we should treat the crayons/pencils in our class more equally.


Mrs Dudley


Picture 1

Beautiful Bar Charts no

Well done on great bar chart work this morning. We made one together first of all using counters and I was very impressed when Archie told us all about the x and y axis. Then some of us practised answering questions about bar charts using mathematical language such as "more than" and "fewer than" whilst others created a bar chart about garden birds.


Our super learning continued into English with some amazing acrostic poems about volcanoes. There were  so many interesting and creative similes that we could have written hundreds of lines of poetry!!!


I am looking forward to finding more out about volcanoes and Pompeii tomorrow.


Mrs Dudley :)

Our reading tree is growing!

We have had another fun week with lots of super learning. I have been really impressed by your number line work and some of the diagrams that you drew of the Earth's structure were fantastic. Well done. You have also all worked hard on the pantomime, especially the really tricky "race" song.


Our reading tree has sprouted LOTS of leaves as so many of you are reading EVERY night at home. Wow! Remember that you earn a leaf for every short book that you finish reading or for every chapter that you read in a long book. Please make sure that your grown-up signs your reading record. I wonder who is going to will our class challenge?


Mrs Dudley :)


PS Don't forget to claim your raffle ticket for every new word that you look up in a dictionary when you are reading. Remember that you can use a dictionary at home or those at school.


Chocolate Rocks!!

This afternoon we learnt more about the three main rock types and how they are formed. To help us remember, we made chocolate rocks.


Sedimentary rocks - we made these with layers of different colour chocolate, which we squeezed flat.

Metamorphic rock - we made these by squeezing the sedimentary rocks tightly and melting them into a ball.

Igneous rock - we didn't have time to do this one today but we will melt some sedimentary and metamorphic rock in warm water.


Here are a few pictures of our rocks!


You did some fantastic number lines in maths today too. Well done :D


Mrs Dudley

Wonderful Week :)

What a great first week back we have had! First we exploded your volcanoes on Wednesday and then on Thursday we had the interesting rock talk by Mrs Lilley. We also explored lots of different rocks in our circle time in class. Then on Friday we created some fabulous collages of erupting volcanoes for our class display. Oh and don't forget the super presentation that you showed in your numeracy work too and your calm behaviour during the fire drill.


Picture 1
Picture 2

There have been so many smile moments this week and I know that there will be even more next week. I think that our smile board may soon be covered!!!!


Mrs Dudley :)

Picture 1

Welcome back....... to exploding volcanoes!!


It was lovely to see you all again today and I really enjoyed exploding the volcanoes with you in the afternoon. We had lots of fantastic models, some with sparkly red lava. We were also lucky enough to have not one but two chocolate volcano cakes! Yummy!


Mrs Dudley :)

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Thank you for a wonderful day :) I have had such fun decorating Christmas biscuits with you and making the hanging angels. I also really enjoyed playing party games - you are getting really good at physical noughts and crosses.


Mrs Dudley :)

Christmas Crafts!

We have had another busy day in 3G, completing Christmas challenges in maths and English as well as making some beautiful Christmas cards this afternoon. I really enjoyed playing physical noughts and crosses with you this morning. I wonder who will win tomorrow??


Mrs Dudley :)

Fantastic Party Day!

We have had a very busy day in 3G, making sweets  and designing a hat for our class snowman. We even managed to squeeze in some party games too :) Mrs Radford and I hope that you enjoyed yourself and would like to thank you for a lovely day.


Mrs Dudley :)


Fantastic Skipping!

Well done everyone on fabulous skipping today. Dan was also very impressed with your listening skills and effort :D I was really proud of you all.


I have uploaded a few photographs of our session. My apologies for the shadow......the lens cover on the ipad had opened without me noticing. It must have been all the skipping that I was doing that shook it loose!


Mrs Dudley :)