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Meet the Governors

Come and meet the Governors at our school!

Our Chair of Governors is Ms Sarah Henshaw.  You can contact her on  Our Vice Chair is Mrs Kate Kells.


SEN&D Governor - Sarah Henshaw

Safeguarding Governor- Kate Kells

Pupil Premium Governor - Councillor J Dawson


Parent Governors - Kate Kells, Sarah Henshaw, Jeremy Selwood

Staff Governors - Mrs C Rees, Mrs L Lilley

LA Governor - Councillor G Birkin

Co-opted Governors - Councillor J Dawson, Mrs A Douglas


Clerk to Governors - Mrs K Andrews


Governor Name Governor Type Date of Appointment Term of Office Date Stepped down Appointed by Business Interests Attendance at FGB (last 12 months) Attendance at Committee Meetings (last 12 months)
Mr Jeremy Selwood Parent 20/1/15 19/1/19   Parents None 2/2 5/6
Miss Sarah Henshaw Parent (appointed Chair 10/10/16) 16/1/14 15/1/18   Parents None 3/3 6/6
Mrs Kate Kells


(appointed Vice 10/10/16)

16/1/14 15/1/18   Parents  None 0/3 5/6
Mrs Maria Williamson Parent 1/9/14 30/8/18 3/4/15 Parents None n/a n/a
C/llr Glennice Birkin Authority 26/3/14 25/3/18   Derbyshire County Council Yes* 1/2 4/6
C/llr James Dawson Co-opted 15/6/16 14/6/18   Governing Body Yes* 3/3 6/6
Mrs Linda Lilley Staff 19/11/12 18/11/17   Staff None 4/5 6/6
Mrs Ann Hill Staff 19/11/12 18/11/16 31/8/15 Staff Yes* n/a n/a
Mrs Caroline Rees Headteacher 1/9/14 N/A   n/a Headteacher None 5/5 6/6
Mrs Amanda Douglas Co-opted 10/10/16 9/10/17   Governing Body None 1/2 3/5


*C/llr Birkin is a member of the Governing Body of Chaucer Junior School

*C/llr Dawson is a member of the Governing Body of Kensington Junior School

* Mrs Hill was related to a member of staff at Granby Junior School


In 2016 the Governors formed a School Development and Innovation Committee (SDIC) whose sole purpose is to drive forward the School Improvement Plan through robust monitoring and evaluation.  


Committee members of the SDIC are: Sarah Henshaw, Kate Kells, James Dawson, Linda Lilley and Caroline Rees. 


Our Governors also meet as two sub committees: Resources and Teaching and Learning.  


The Resources committee comprise

Mr J Dawson (Chair)

Mrs L Lilley

Mrs C Rees

Mr J Selwood


This committee discuss Personnel, Finance and Premises issues.


The Teaching and Learning committee comprises:

Miss S Henshaw (Chair)

Mrs C Rees

Mrs L Lilley

Mr J Selwood

Mrs K Kells

C/llr G Birkin

Mrs A Douglas

This committee discuss Curriculum, Assessment, Data and associated policies.