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Heroes and Villains

Incredible Shared Writing!!!!

Today we worked as a group to describe a setting...…. WOW!!!!! Our writing is amazing and I am so proud of you! The ending is especially exciting and I can not wait to find out what happens next in your story.



In the cave, it was pitch black! It was darker than the middle of the night. The air felt so thick and stale that I could almost taste it on my tongue. As my eyes strained to see in the gloom, I could hear the slow drip of water oozing down the slimy walls. Above my head, bats circled with spooky squeaks and the soft beat of invisible wings. I was all alone. All alone in the darkness...

Magical Maths!

Well done to everyone who improved their scores this week. Miss Benniston and I are really proud of you. There will be a lot of names on our WOW Wall on Monday.


Mrs Dudley :)

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Terrific Thursday...….. well a terrific week :)

Oh my goodness what an amazing day we have had. You wrote some brilliant sentences about Robin Hood. Then we went outside to learn some times table games. We practised the games and then taught them to the other classes. You were fabulous :) This afternoon, you have made clay models of your super heroes.


But that is not all.....


This has been a busy week with you working hard on tests to show us what you have remembered from KS1 and lost of sporting events. A massive well done to all the children who went to the Energise Erewash event on Wednesday and to everyone for their effort In the cross country challenge. We are very proud of you! Thank you also for the super home learning that you have bought in to share with me.


I have lots of amazing photos to share of our learning in the next few days - photos of you at our treasure hunt today, playing maths games, sharing ideas in English and the designs for your super hero. I am really looking forward to doing this.


Mrs Dudley :)

A Wonderful Day 

It was lovely to be back with you and what a day we had! We enjoyed an outstanding performance by Key Strings in the morning and the you did some super writing about Cruella de Vil. 

Well Done on a great full week :)

Well done on completing your first full week at school. You have been fabulous!!! I have been really impressed with how hard that you have tried in lessons and in following our class rules. We have learnt a lot about Cruella de Vil this week and I have attached a mind map which shows some key facts that we learnt about her. I used Purple Mash to do this.


Have a lovely weekend:)

Mrs Dudley

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Magical Monday :)


Wow! What an exciting day to start our new topic. We had a visit from Sarah and Lyra of the Dog’s Trust this morning. Sarah told us the best way to help dogs to be super heroes and to act like them ourselves.

Then this afternoon we learnt how to make 3D models of dogs and to draw cartoon sketches of them. Well done on some great art work 😺

What a great day! Don’t forget to give your grown up all the letters from today - permissions and inoculations. 


I look forward to seeing seeing you tomorrow.


Mrs Dudley :)