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Frozen Kingdom!

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Welcome to the planet's coldest lands... vast wilds, hostile territories-incredibly beautiful yet often deadly. Take shelter from the elements or fall prey to the icy winds and deepest chill. Trek bravely and valiantly across treacherous terrain to the ends of the Earth, treading deep in snow, pulled by a team of mighty sled dogs.

Memorable Experience:

Y6 have investigated the question: Why do icebergs float? We observed ice cubes and then designed a boat using tin foil using our knowledge of density, buoyancy and surface area to create a vessel which could carry the largest number of coins and marbles before sinking to the ocean floor! Our class had mixed success with some boats remaining afloat :)

Learning So Far...

Our class have been enjoying researching the animals found in the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as revising aspects of world geography. We have learnt about the tragedy of the Titanic and have written a chronological report on the disaster. Now we have moved on to understanding how animals and plants can be classified and how the biodiversity of the polar regions vary!