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Blood Heart

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Welcome to Summer 1!

This year has flown by and unbelievably we are now entering our 5th topic of Year 6 with ‘Blood Heart’!

We began our term with a dissection of a pig’s heart-have a look at our photos below! We explored the four chambers, the veins and the arteries and even gave a tug on some of the heart strings. We’re looking forward to seeing where else this science-based topic takes us!


Our class have now looked at the effects of smoking on the heart and lungs and have began researching the different blood groups. During a PSHCE/Topic lesson, small groups also created a life-size drawing of the body with labels and illustrations to show the effects that smoking, alcohol and drugs have.

Pig’s Heart Dissection!

Finding out about blood groups:

Effects of smoking, alcohol and drugs on the body: